Monday, December 5, 2005

I heart cinnamon.

Almost five months into this thing and I finally have a craving: cinnamon. Pop open that spice jar and dump half of it in my hot cocoa and I'm happy.
Last week was pretty much the worst week of my life. Well, maybe not OF MY LIFE, cause I've had some pretty bad weeks, but this one definately makes the top ten. In lieu of this horrendous week, i've decided to do everything in my power to make this next week the BEST week of my life, or at least in the top ten. Here are my plans:
1. Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I am going to make sure I have PLENTY of water and tylenol so that I can sit back at work headache free and laugh at the stupid people who pay $19.95 for me to help them locate the calcuator on their computer.
2. I will eat either cinnamon toast crunch or cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast every day this week. With a large glass of juice.
3. Friday, after sleeping as late as humanly possible, I will rock out, pregnant belly and all, to the musical sounds of my beloved Aquabats. Hopefully with Jonna, my sister, her boyfriend, and all the blessed Tooelians surrounding and protecting my tummy from elbow jabs.
4. Saturday I'm going out for either really awesome Thai food or really awesome Greek food with my friend Damon whom I haven't laid eyes upon for close to two and a half years. WOOT WOOT.
5. Sunday and Monday will be two glorious days of relaxation, filled with bubble baths and books, Christmas shopping, and possibly going to see Chronicles of Narnia, even if I have to go by myself.
6. I will concentrate extra hard in the shower in order to prevent what happened the other day. I started to wash my hair with Clean and Clear face wash and I almost cried. CRIED.
So there is my best week ever. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, but only if they will further serve to create the best week ever. If it's going to cause stress, then wait until next week.

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