Tuesday, November 15, 2005

random thoughts.

Hello my buddies.
So i've decided that the worst thing about being pregnant is the migraines. I can handle the stuffiness. The nosebleeds really aren't that bad. And having to pee all the time just gives me more exercise. I can even deal with the added weight. but please please please make the headaches go away!!!
I'm having a little girl. And I've decided that she's either going to be a boxer, a soccer player, or set the new world record for most consecutive hiccups.
Christmas is coming up and I'm excited. If anyone feels so inclined, I'd be very grateful for some baby clothes, maternity clothes, or diapers. Or a crib. :-)
I've decided that the only thing worse than being stuck behind a student driver is being behind a student driver learning to drive a semi truck. AGH.
Delivering pizza makes me tired now. So does swimming. And working. I feel so lazy. And the baby is making me lose my mind. I keep forgetting things. it's driving me crazy.
Brandon has started calling me Shorty. And yesterday I saw a liscence plate frame that said "I may be short but at least my boobs are big." I want it.
I want to go back to school next semester, so I was looking at class schedules. But then I realized that my daughter is due the middle of april, and finals are the end of april/beginning of may. something tells me that studying for finals wouldn't be fun with a newborn to take care of.
I'm a genius. This morning i walked to my car to go to work and found that my windows all frosted. this upset me for two reasons. 1. I didn't want to scrape my windows. 2. I have no idea where my scraper is . So listen to what i did. I started the car and prayed my defroster would magically start working really really quickly. Then it hit me. Hot water. So I ran (well, walked...I'm pregnant) to my apartment, got some hot water and poured my little heart out. I was on my way to work seconds later. I'm a genius.
That's all.

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