Friday, December 30, 2005

it's snowing.

So I woke up at noon today, watched Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and made my way to the kitchen to feed the cats (I'm house sitting for my family while they're in Washington). Anyway, I look out the window and HOLY CRAP IT'S SNOWING.
normally, this wouldn't be such a freak-out moment, it is December in Utah. But we've had weather in the high 40s and even 50s for the past couple weeks.....I was not expecting to see little white flakes of happiness fluttering about.
so 2006, huh? That's pretty exciting. I'll tell you what though, I'm starting to feel old. And having a child isn't going to help the matter. :-) Speaking of my little one, everything is fantastic. Got another craving: Cherry. Cherry Coke. Cherry yogurt. Cherry popsicles. Cherries. it's weird.
I'm getting to that stage of pregnancy where I'm uncomfortable, and it sucks. I'm not quite screaming "GET HER OUT OF ME", but the back ache and past two days of piercing rib pain (caused by inflared nerves in my rib cage, caused by my organs being forced to make room for my ever expanding uterus) are NOT making it easy to get sleep. Which sucks, cause boy am I ever tired. All the time.
To top it all off, I'm playing this tug of war type game with my ever present thirst and not wanting to have to pee every half hour. AGH.
So here's my bests of 2005:
Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Concert: Aquabats, when the Epoxies opened for them. Pure joy.
Vacation: probably the last road trip I took with Brandon...even though I got a speeding ticket and a baby in my womb.
CD: Rise Against. I could listen to that cd all day.
Living arrangement: The dorms. Lame huh. But I really miss living next door to Levi and Shohei and across the street from Jonna face.
Clutzy moment: Slipping on the ice in the parking lot to our apartments with Jonna after she persuaded me to spend money at Old Navy.
Reunion: Wade and Damon a couple weeks ago in Ephraim. I missed those two.
Job: There were quite a few this year, but I'd have to say my job now. I love it, and I love the people I work with even more. Sucks I've been so sick.
Christmas Present: My parents shocked me. They got me a new car stereo, a new stereo, and a digital camera. I'm spoiled.
Experience: Going to the doctor for our 20 week ultrasound and hearing and seeing that everything about our daughter was exactly as it should be....amazing. I think the doctor was in love with her heart, "I could just look at this heart all day! It's perfect!!" Kind of freaky, but sweet nonetheless.
And the snow is still coming down. It's only been snowing for an hour at most and there's easily an inch and a half on the ground. And the TV stopped working.

Monday, December 5, 2005

I heart cinnamon.

Almost five months into this thing and I finally have a craving: cinnamon. Pop open that spice jar and dump half of it in my hot cocoa and I'm happy.
Last week was pretty much the worst week of my life. Well, maybe not OF MY LIFE, cause I've had some pretty bad weeks, but this one definately makes the top ten. In lieu of this horrendous week, i've decided to do everything in my power to make this next week the BEST week of my life, or at least in the top ten. Here are my plans:
1. Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I am going to make sure I have PLENTY of water and tylenol so that I can sit back at work headache free and laugh at the stupid people who pay $19.95 for me to help them locate the calcuator on their computer.
2. I will eat either cinnamon toast crunch or cinnamon sugar toast for breakfast every day this week. With a large glass of juice.
3. Friday, after sleeping as late as humanly possible, I will rock out, pregnant belly and all, to the musical sounds of my beloved Aquabats. Hopefully with Jonna, my sister, her boyfriend, and all the blessed Tooelians surrounding and protecting my tummy from elbow jabs.
4. Saturday I'm going out for either really awesome Thai food or really awesome Greek food with my friend Damon whom I haven't laid eyes upon for close to two and a half years. WOOT WOOT.
5. Sunday and Monday will be two glorious days of relaxation, filled with bubble baths and books, Christmas shopping, and possibly going to see Chronicles of Narnia, even if I have to go by myself.
6. I will concentrate extra hard in the shower in order to prevent what happened the other day. I started to wash my hair with Clean and Clear face wash and I almost cried. CRIED.
So there is my best week ever. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, but only if they will further serve to create the best week ever. If it's going to cause stress, then wait until next week.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

random thoughts.

Hello my buddies.
So i've decided that the worst thing about being pregnant is the migraines. I can handle the stuffiness. The nosebleeds really aren't that bad. And having to pee all the time just gives me more exercise. I can even deal with the added weight. but please please please make the headaches go away!!!
I'm having a little girl. And I've decided that she's either going to be a boxer, a soccer player, or set the new world record for most consecutive hiccups.
Christmas is coming up and I'm excited. If anyone feels so inclined, I'd be very grateful for some baby clothes, maternity clothes, or diapers. Or a crib. :-)
I've decided that the only thing worse than being stuck behind a student driver is being behind a student driver learning to drive a semi truck. AGH.
Delivering pizza makes me tired now. So does swimming. And working. I feel so lazy. And the baby is making me lose my mind. I keep forgetting things. it's driving me crazy.
Brandon has started calling me Shorty. And yesterday I saw a liscence plate frame that said "I may be short but at least my boobs are big." I want it.
I want to go back to school next semester, so I was looking at class schedules. But then I realized that my daughter is due the middle of april, and finals are the end of april/beginning of may. something tells me that studying for finals wouldn't be fun with a newborn to take care of.
I'm a genius. This morning i walked to my car to go to work and found that my windows all frosted. this upset me for two reasons. 1. I didn't want to scrape my windows. 2. I have no idea where my scraper is . So listen to what i did. I started the car and prayed my defroster would magically start working really really quickly. Then it hit me. Hot water. So I ran (well, walked...I'm pregnant) to my apartment, got some hot water and poured my little heart out. I was on my way to work seconds later. I'm a genius.
That's all.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

guess freaking what. of September 10, I will be two months pregnant. Yep. Sophie's having a baby. Crazy, huh?
I was shocked, at first...and freaked out...but I've known for almost a month now and I think I've gotten past thinking "What am I going to do" every waking second of every day, and now I'm moved on to the "oh my God my stomach hurts" stage. Just kidding. It's not that bad. Although this week has been filled with all day sickness (whoever decided to call it morning sickness should be beaten repeatedly for offering false hope of relief from the ever constant naseua).
I'm way excited. Still a bit freaked out, but excited nonetheless. And my boyfriend didn't leave me! Which is always good. :-) He's getting excited too. No plans for marriage anytime soon, but we're both sure it will happen sometime in the future. We just want to make sure we really want it, and not just because there is a baby growing in my tummy. We are, however, going to live together once my lease is up in my apartment. Which is good. Mom, Dad and baby under one roof is always a good thing, whether there is a ring on my finger or not.
Anyway, just thought I'd begin to let the masses know, although now that i think about it most of you already knew. Ah well.
Love you.
-Mama Sanchez (as Colin has so affectionately nicknamed me)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I went to the Grand Canyon.

I decided to fill you all in on the goings on of my past couple weeks.
Last Sunday (June 12th), I went to the Grand Canyon. Brandon (someone from work that i"m kind of dating) and I left around 11PM after I got off work, and pulled into the North Ridge just in time to see the sunrise. It was seriously one of the most amazingly beautiful sights I've ever seen. I'll get some pictures up soon. We got back Tuesday afternoon.
I also went fishing for the first time on Thursday. We went out after we got off like midnight. So fun. Except I didn't catch anything. But the sunrise was worth it.
Friday I went to a drive-in for the first time since Roger Rabbit. Went to see Batman Begins. Pretty good show. I also played mini-golf that night, and beat Brandon by three strokes. I'm pretty good. :-)
Saturday I worked a 13 hour shift. That sucked. 13 hours delivering pizza. I wanted to die.
Sunday i went to Tooele for Chip's farewell and drove through the flood. It was sweet.
Yesterday I went to Bear Lake. We (Brandon and I) rented some bikes, and ended up biking about 40 miles in the sunshine. It was fun, except I'm pretty sure I died out there cause I'm still completely sapped of energy. AND, I'm way sunburnt. Which wasn't fun this morning when I was showering.
Today I bought some new jeans. Which is phenomenal, because I had to buy them cause all of my jeans are too big. I'm now in a size 8, and oh so happy about it. I don't think I've ever been in an 8 before. Ever.
I'm starting a second job on July's a 7PM-5AM firewatching job. $10 an hour four nights on four nights off. I'm pretty excited about it, because all I have to do is sit there and read and stay awake and call the fire department if there's a fire. Pretty simple.
I'm going to Weber State next fall, and have changed my major to Interior Design. Exciting huh? I thought so. My family is moving to Roy, so I'll be living with them. Free rent and I'll get to help them get settled.
Anyway, that's all that's new....this turned out to be really long. Sorry. Thanks for reading it though.